Vegetable Information

Our  Harvest Chart will give you an idea of what to expect through the growing season.

Here is a link all about storing fresh fruits & vegetables!

*Below is a list of vegetables and herbs grown on the farm. Learn useful ways to store, prepare, cook them & more!


Basil      Beans      Beets      Broccoli

                                                Buckwheat Shoots

Cabbage      Carrots      Chard       Cherry Tomato

                                          Chrysanthemum Greens

Chocolate Mint      Cilantro     Cucumber

Dandelion Greens  Dill


Garlic    Garlic Scape

Husk Cherries


Lavender      Leeks      Lettuce

Mint       Mustard Greens


 Onions      Oregano


 Snap Peas       Peppers

                                                                  Poc Choi

Radish       Rhubarb     Rosemary

Sage      Spinach      Summer Squash     Swiss Chard

Thyme      Tomato      Tomatillos     Turnip

Winter Squash