Arugula is also known as “Rocket”



June, September, & October

(rough estimate due to natural conditions {weather, pests etc})                                           

Benefits of Arugula

  • boosts immune system
  • helps to improve eyesight
  • gives relief from symptoms of osteoporosis
  • helps prevent mental defects in newborns
  • aids in weight management
  • strengthens bone and teeth health
  • promotes energy production and fat synthesis
  • reduces risk of heart disease & premature aging

*to read more please visit the site Organic Facts or Medical News Today

Storage Tips

  • Refrigerator: Wash and spin dry before placing in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Best if used within 1 week.
  • Freezer: To freeze arugula, follow the same principle as other greens: blanch for two minutes, plunge in ice bath, pat excess moisture off, and place in an airtight freezer-safe container. Frozen arugula works great in stir-fries or pizza.

Culinary Tips

  • Add small tender greens to lettuce for a spicy addition to salad.
  • Make an arugula salad by adding a soft cheese, dried fruits, grated carrots, and walnuts tossed in your favorite vinaigrette.
  • Add to sandwiches & omelettes.
  • Quickly braise or sauté and add to your pasta with grated parmesan.
  • Add cooked arugula to quiche & lasagna.

Recipe links

Arugula Beet Salad

Gjusta’s Green Harrissa    (“Schmear this on sandwiches, use it to marinate shrimp or chicken, or spoon a dollop onto eggs.”)  *also uses tomatillo, parsley, cilantro, garlic

Snap Peas & Green Beans with Arugula Mint Pesto

Arugula Salsa Verde

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