Celery Leaves


(rough estimate due to natural conditions {weather, pests etc})


Benefits of Celery Leaves

  • rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin E, and many antioxidants
  • improved sperm count
  • anti inflammatory properties
  • antioxidant properties
  • mosquito repellent

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Storage Tips

Pick the leaves off the thin stems at the top of the stalk. To store the leaves, wrap them in a slightly damp kitchen towel and place the bundle in an open plastic bag in your vegetable drawer. (Alternatively, line a zip-top bag with a paper towel and fill the bag with leaves.)

Culinary Tips

  • there is a slight difference between the inner and the outer leaves. The outer layer consists of dark green, intensely flavored leaves, which may overwhelm your salads due to which it is best to use them in soups, sauces or purees. The inner portion consists of light green leaves that possess a mild flavor. You can enjoy them raw in salads or use them to garnish meat and eggs.

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