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Benefits of Chard

  •  ability to regulate blood sugar levels
  • prevent various types of cancer, improve digestion, boost the immune system, reduce fever & combat inflammation
  • lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, increase bone strength & development
  • detoxify the body & strengthen the functioning of the brain.

Storage Tips

  • Place chard in a plastic bag in the hydrator drawer of the refridgerator.
  • Chard is best if eaten within 5 days.

Culinary Tips

  • If leaves are large & mature, remove the stem to cook separately.
  • If the greens are young, cook whole.
  • Use in place of spinach in most recipes.
  • Sauté the leaves in garlic butter or olive oil and garlic.
  • Steam large stem pieces for 8-10 min. & leaves for 4-6 min.
  • Raw baby leaves are great in green salads.
  • Toss steamed leaves with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper or with seasame oil, rice vinegar or soy sauce

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