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Benefits of Onions

  • oral care
  • boost immunity
  • treat heart ailments
  • manage diabetes
  • used as insect repellent
  • prevent cancer
  • relieve earaches
  • skin care
  • treat cough
  • boost sexual drive
  • treat anemia
  • relieve stomach aches
  • relieve asthma

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Storage Tips

  • Keep the fresh onions in a plastic bag in the fridge. The green leaves can also be used like scallions.
  • Ideal conditions for storage onions are 40-50F & low humidity, otherwise, if onions are stored with warmth or moisture they will tend to sprout.

Culinary Tips

  • For ease in cutting onions, cut a bit off of both ends and cut onions in half from top to bottom. If necessary, cut out the core from the base. Peel skin off with the edge of your knife and lay the cut surface down on the cutting board. Keep the onion intact while you make length-wise slices from one side of the curved onion half to the other. Then rotate the onion a quarter turn and make crosswise slices. If you can manage to hold the form intact you will end up with a uniformly chopped onion.
  • dishes seasoned with onions: quiche, soup, stew, grain-based casseroles, & vegetable stir-fry.
  • Save onion skins for the stock pot.
  • Cut a whole onion into quarters and then half the quarters to make wedges. Bake these on an oiled baking pan with a bit of liquid (water, vegetable stock, apple juice) added to prevent sticking. Season with dried thyme or rosemary, cover with foil and bake at 350-400 F for 30 minutes. Alongside the onion wedges, prepare other root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, parsnips, rutabaga, sweet potatoes) and bake these together.
  • How to finely cut an onion without shedding a tear, Gordon Ramsey video

Recipe Links

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