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Benefits of Oregano

  • boosts immunity
  • antibacterial activity
  • aids in digestion
  • improves heart health
  • detoxifies the body
  • improves bone health
  • increases energy levels

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Storage Tips

  • can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 3 days
    • place a slightly damp paper towel in the bag with the oregano and leave some air in the bag, it may extend the life up to 1 week
  • extend the shelf life of fresh oregano by storing whole stems with leaves in a glass of water with a plastic bag loosely tented over the glass
  • Fresh oregano may also be frozen. Wash and dry oregano sprigs. Strip whole leaves from stems and place in plastic bag loosely without crushing, but remove all air. Freeze and keep in a location where it will not get crushed. No need to thaw before using. You can also mix chopped leaves with a small amount of water (or puree them) and freeze in ice cube trays. Once frozen, pop out the cubes into a plastic bag and seal tightly. Use frozen oregano within 1 year.
  • To dry fresh oregano, tie sprigs into a bunch and hang in a cool, dark place with good ventilation. Once dried, seal tightly and store away from sunlight. Use within six months for freshest flavor

Culinary Tips

Ground – 1 pound = 4 cups.
Whole leaves: 1 pound = 16 cups

  • an essential ingredient in many Italian dishes including pizza, pastas, & roasted vegetables. Oregano paired with basil are the basis for many Italian seasonings.
  • widely used in Greek and Mexican cooking. As the main herb flavoring in chili powder, oregano holds up well in a mix with other flavors. The Greeks enjoy oregano in baked fish & it is the main flavoring in Greek salad.
  • Try adding sprigs of oregano on the coals of a grill for a flavor infusion to whatever you are cooking on top. Oregano’s rich flavor also deepens and melds flavors of soups & sauces without overwhelming the dish.
  • Oregano can be used either fresh or dried. When using the fresh herb, use twice the amount as dried.Other Uses
    Infuse bathwater with oregano for a relaxing soak. Oregano is also used in potpourri & pillows.

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