June & October

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Benefits of Spinach

  • Treats Macular Degeneration
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Provides Neurological Benefits
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Helps in Bone Mineralization
  • Reduces Risk of Cataracts
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Acts as Anti-ulcerative
  • Prevents Atherosclerosis
  • Helps with Fetal Development
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Treats & Prevents Cancer
  • Protects Skin
  • Proteins for Infant Growth

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Storage Tips

  • refridgerator: keep your spinach as dry as possible, excess moisture is what causes salad greens to get slimy. first pick out any leaves that may have already started to turn yellow or look like they’ve passed their prime. wash the remaining leaves & dry them thoroughly, ideally using a salad spinner or, at minimum, patting them down with paper towels. The trick here, though, is to make sure the greens are really & truly dry before you go ahead and repackage them
  • freeze: rinse the leaves, pop them in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds; this process is called blanching, Take the blanched spinach out of the boiling pot of water & dunk them in ice water to stop the cooking process, then squeeze out the excess water, place the spinach in a plastic bag, and, after removing all the air, put it in the fridge. You’ll be able to use that frozen spinach in smoothies, quiches, and omelets—without running the risk of finding spinach slime in your fridge.

Culinary Tips

  • To clean spinach, swish in a basin of cold water, let sit for a minute, and then lift into a colander to drain. Dump the water and repeat. After doing this, taste a leaf. If you detect even the slightest bit of grit, wash the leaves again.

Recipe Links 

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