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Benefits of Tomatillo

  • Improve Digestion
  • Prevent Cancer
  • Boost Immune System
  • Improve Vision
  • Help in Weight Loss
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Lower Blood Pressure & Improve Heart Health

Word of Caution: Nightshade vegetables tend to have high levels of alkaloids, which can exacerbate inflammation of the joints if you already have certain problems with arthritis or inflammation. However, tomatillos possess relatively low amounts of alkaloids. That being said, consult your doctor before adding tomatillos to your diet if you suffer from these types of health conditions. Other than that, add tomatillos to your diet and enjoy!

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Storage Tips

  • wicker basket: hang in a corner & place the berries with their husks still on, in the basket. By doing this, your tomatillos will last for about 2 months & you’re only needed to stretch out your hand into the basket.
  • refrigerator: peel the tomatillos under running water to get rid of the sticky residue, dry & place them in a paper bag or a bowl lined with paper towel, & into the crisper section. This way, the tomatillos will last for a minimum period of two weeks to about a month, that is, if stored when they are still raw.
  • freeze: wash & dry them, then place them on a flat tray or better still, in a cookie/muffin sheet. Once frozen, remove from the sheets & simply throw into a zip lock pouch for future use. You can store them for almost a year like that.

Culinary Tips

You can chop them raw into salsas or cook them to make salsa verde. They add tang to guacamole. Use them as a substitute for or along with tomatoes in gazpacho. Stew them into a sauce for chicken, salmon, halibut, chiles relleno, corn dishes & with onions and cilantro for tacos.

Because the skins are thin and need no peeling, you can make very thin slices from the raw fruits & lay them on a salad, dressed with a lemon juice & remoulade salad dressing, to pick up and enhance the flavors. Broiling halves skin side up until they’re soft is a typical way to prepare them for salsa verde, but they can also be fried, baked, poached, roasted or braised. Use them next time you make a chutney, too.

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