Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a CSA?

CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. To learn more click here

  • What types of shares are available from Cotyledon Farm?

We offer both a half share and a full size shares. Shares are priced on a sliding scale where members  choose the price best suited for themselves based on family size and income. Please visit the “become a member” page for more information and a price list.

  • How many people does a Half CSA share feed?

A half share may feed two people, one vegetarian meals a day

  • How many people does a Full CSA share feed?

A full share may feed four people, one vegetarian meal a day

  • What is a sliding scale?

to learn more about the sliding scale, please click here

  • What types of paypant do you accept?

Cash, checks & PayPal (there will be a .30 paypal transaction fee as well as a 2.9% PayPal fee added to all PayPal transactions)

  • Are there required member work hours at the farm?

Yes! Members are required to put in some hours to help out. Members may choose to work on the farm doing assigned tasks, on a Sunday working a farmers market or in another way discussed with Amanda. Half shares complete 5 hours of work and Full shares complete 10 hours for the entire growing season. 

  • What if I do not wish to work the required hours on the farm or can not fill the requirement?

We do have an option to pay out of the required work hours. Work hours are based on a $15 an hour wage. Therefore, a full share requirement of 10 hours is equal to $150 and a half share of 5 hours is equivalent to $75 

  • Is Cotyledon Farm’s produce organic?

Yes, but we are not certified.  We go above and beyond what is now considered organic. I use only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified soil amendments and fertilizers, fish fertilizer that is analyzed and guaranteed to have no heavy metals, and simple products like neem oil, hydrogen peroxide, castille soap that I would put on my body-can also be used to protect plants from pests when used responsibly.

  • Do you accept EBT/SNAP/HIP?

Yes! for more information, please click here

  • Can I split a share?

Yes. Please arrange this independently, and split your share’s items either at home, or away from the pick up tables so other members may pick up their shares easily. 

  • Is share distribution ever cancelled due to weather?

We have never cancelled a pick up in the 5 years I have run a CSA. In the extreme chance that it is lightning ALL day on the day of pick up, disallowing us to work safely in the fields, we will notify you and arrange for a different pick up day. If it’s raining, veggies will be under a tent for your convenience.

  • What if I’m late to the pick-up site? What happens to my share if I forget to pick it up?

Please let us know if you will be late so that other accommodations may be made.

If you have forgotten to pick up your food will be donated or re-allocated. I recommend setting an alarm on your phone for pick up day so this does not happen. We do not have the storage capacity to save your share, and will only do so upon request. 

  • What happens if the pick-up is on a holiday?

July 4th and Halloween fall on our Wednesday pick up in 2018. On those two specific days we will have a Tuesday pick up (Tuesday July 3rd and Tuesday October 30th -provided there is a CSA pick up the last week in October) 

  • What happens to my share if I go on vacation?

You may have a friend or relative pick up your share the week you are unavailable or you may have us donate your share. Please let us know before the pick up day if you cannot find someone to pick up for you. 

  • Can CSA shareholders pick their own vegetables?

There are a few items that we leave in the fields for you to Pick Your Own (PYO). These items will be posted on the board when they area available. These items may include: husk cherries, tomatillos and nasturtiums (spicy edible flowers)

  • Do I get fruit in my share?

The items we grow that are generally considered fruits are: tomatillos, husk cherries, and tomatoes.

  • What is grown on the farm?

Please click here to see our harvest chart for an idea of what kinds of vegetables we grow, as well as when they are roughly harvested

  • What kind of vegetables will I get each week?

Availability and variety will vary from year to year. For a weekly vegetable summary from 2017, click here

  • Can another person pick up my share?

Yes! Make sure the members’ name gets checked off the check list when you arrive. There is no need to notify us that you are having a friend pick up. Please be sure that they arrive on time to avoid confusion.  Some members have chosen to independently organize a collective pick up so that they have a rotation of who picks up for everyone that week. 

  • Is there a pick up location in Worcester?

Yes!  an additional $25 fee is required for this option.

The parking lot of a local maker space called the WorcShop is the location of the weekly pick up.  We’ll send a map and photo of exact pick up spot in May, as it will be an unstaffed pick up in a fairly large industrial complex, formerly the historical Worcester Wire Company. Don’t worry, it’ll be a quick drive in /drive out thing, but the first time is always a little tricky! 

****243 Stafford St, next to Blue Hive ~after 9am on Thursdays*****

  • Are there any other benefits to being a member of Cotyledon Farm’s CSA?

Cotyledon Farm strives to bring community as well as fresh organic produce into your life. We host a few gatherings June through October. Please check the calendar frequently to see updates.  Farm members and work shares are a wealth of knowledge, resources and connections. The more time you spend on the farm, the more immersed in the community and its offerings you will become!

  • Can I work for my vegetables?

We do have a limited number of work shares. Please fill out an application and we will get back to you asap. Please note that the work shares fill up quickly and require committed hours throughout the growing season. You may read more about the work share commitment here.

*Do you have another question? Please email us at cotyledonfarm@gmail.com