2023 CSA Membership

CSA Enrollment Form

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  In a CSA, farmers and shareholders make a commitment to share in both the risks and the rewards of the season. When farmer’s take on all the risk we end up with an unbalanced food system.

By joining a CSA, members support local agriculture, invest in the local economy and help to stabilize our agricultural systems.  To learn more about CSA’s click here!

A Few Details

Full Share July 2021
  • Our CSA Season Runs June ~ October. Exact start date announced one week before the first pick up
  • Farm shares include 20 weeks of vegetables and herbs grown using using growing practices that align with our commitment to ecological and human health.
  • Vegetable availability is seasonal and we pick your produce as close to the pick up date as we can. The majority of your produce will be picked the day you receive it!
  • We collaborate with Upswing Farm to bring you a wider variety of produce-primarily with the addition of root vegetables. In these early years of the farm, we like to trust other farmers to grow what they grow best while we work to build our own infrastructure and soil, grow community and all the vegetables we can!
  • Over 50% of the industrially grown produce in this country never makes it out of the field. But not here folks, not here. We do not waste imperfect produce! We strive to grow pest and disease free crops-but don’t expect picture perfect produce every week. That’s just what’s happening down on the ground! A bug’s gotta eat! Know that we strive to grow the most beautiful, nutrient dense and healthiest crops we can. We are constantly working to improve our soil which helps us get there, but climate change is here, and stress on plants, just like in our bodies, will weaken immunities and that’s when we might see imperfections. But if it doesn’t meet my standards-it goes to the chickens and the horse or gets worked back in to the soil.

Pick up Options every Wednesday:

  • Cotyledon Farm 253 Henshaw St Leicester
  • Worcester pick up site ($35 for the season fee) location TBD…this option will forfeit any pick your own (PYO) vegetables/fruit)

Payment Options

* HIP/SNAP * Check * Cash * In order to keep costs down we are Keeping It Simple!

Our Sliding Scale Payment System

What is a sliding scale? It is a tool for building economic justice, and it requires your active participation. The majority of our members pay at the Contributing level, but if you can swing it, our Sustaining level members help cover the costs of the Supporting level members. It’s a beautiful thing! Read more here: sliding scale

  • Half Share
    • Sustaining $545
    • Contributing $454
    • Supporting $363
  • Full Share
    • Sustaining $990
    • Contributing $825
    • Supporting $660

Add-On Share Options TBA

Member Work Hours

All members are required to do work hours at the farm. You are a valuable part of what makes the farm so special! Half shares are required to do 5 hours & full shares complete 10 hours per season.

There are many things to be done on and off farm, if you have mobility or time limitations. We will work together to find a solution!

Family and friends age 12+ may contribute to your hours. You may bring a friend to help you complete your hours. We use the Calendly app for members to register for their hours. 

PLEASE NOTE: You may Opt-Out of your work hours! We understand your time is valuable and working on the farm may not be your top priority! That is perfectly okay! You can pay for the hours you do not plan on working. The hourly rate is based on a living wage of $20.00 an hour. Therefore to opt-out of all of your hours a half share pays $100.00 and a full share pays $200

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda at CotyledonFarm@gmail.com.

We look forward to the upcoming season with you!

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