Cilantro (known as the leaves) & coriander seeds are from the same plant. The seeds are harvested after the plant is dried out at the end of it’s growing season.

We tend to harvest the Cilantro leaves at Cotyledon Farm


(rough estimate due to natural conditions {weather, pests etc})

June, July, August, September Coriander

Benefits of Cilantro / Coriander

  • helps cure ulcers, inflammation, & spasms
  • good source of antioxidants
  • helps regulate menstrual cycles & reduces the associated pain during a period
  • may decrease the risk of obesity, overall mortality, diabetes, & heart disease
  • promotes:  healthy skin & hair, increased energy, & overall lower weight

Storage Tips


  • Cut off the bottom of all the stems in the bunch
  • Lay out the stems and leaves on a towel and gently pat them dry before storing
  • Fill a jar halfway with water
  • Place the stalks into the jar and cover them with a plastic bag, then place them in the refrigerator
  • Cilantro prefers cold temperatures to stay fresh
  • Change the water every 2-3 days as it changes color
  • Remove stalks as needed; discard stems and leaves that have begun to get soggy or discolored


  • blanch until the leaves just start to wilt (a few seconds!)
  • remove from boiling water and immediately place in ice water
  • pat dry, strip leaves, place in freezer bag, freeze
  • Tip: spread the leaves thinly in the bag and store flat. This will enable you to break off just what you need when you want to use some — but not all — of a bag of frozen herbs.

Culinary Tips

“…when using fresh cilantro in a hot dish, add at the last minute to get the full benefit of this herb’s bold flavor. It is also always preferable to use fresh cilantro when a recipe calls for cilantro leaves. Parsley may be substituted for cilantro, but the flavor of the resulting dish will be different and much milder than the original recipe’s intent.”       ~taken from The Spruce

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